Tuesday 18th October 2011

Written by Shane Johnson

Tuesday 18th October 2011: Kinetic Tae Kwon-Do are pleased to announce our affiliation with Hogan's Institute of Tae Kwon-Do


Huge thanks to all the Kinetic Tae Kwon-Do students!! You have all been incredibly supportive during this transition.


Master Jim Hogan dominated the UK tournament scene in the 1980's, winning numerous national titles in all disciplines (sparring, patterns and destruction). In 1984 he won a European title in sparring and then in 1990, after overcoming a serious knee injury, he won the prestigious Masters Cup in Stockholm. A highly sought after teacher and coach since the early 1980's, Master Hogan has run numerous schools in the UK where he has coached many UK, European and World champions. Master Hogan holds the rank of 7th degree black belt, gives special seminars in the UK and abroad and runs his own Taekwon-Do Association. Hogan's Institute of Taekwon-Do, with clubs in London and Surbiton, Surrey where he continues to train and teach.


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